The Origin of the name "Valhalla" was of Norse Mythology. Valhalla is the glittering and magnificent Hall of the Slain in Åsgård or Aasgaard, the home of the gods, was built to house Odin's huge army of heroes who were gathered to fight at Ragnarok, the preordained doom of the gods. A Viking's paradise in every way, the splendid hall gleamed with walls of polished spears and vaults of shining shields. At the long benches, decorated with glowing chain mail, warriors wined and dined everyday on ever-flowing mead and everlasting meat, served by the lovely Valkyries. The heroic host, which was amassed over the centuries, must have been massive; to feed such an army. The cook, Andhrimnir, stirred a mighty cauldron, called Edhrimnir, in which he prepared an inexhaustible boar stew.