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In Home Catering -- Dinner or Cocktail Party

St. John's Newfoundland

How often have you hosted a dinner party and instead of having fun, were exhausted by the time the last guest left?

With our in-home catering service, we can make your next dinner party relaxing and stress free. First we'll meet with you in your home and help you in the selection of your menu. We would also be pleased to suggest wines that will compliment each of your courses. On the day of your party we arrive early at your home with all the necessary ingredients and tools for preparing your menu. While you enjoy your guests, we do all the work. After the last course is served we will quietly clean your kitchen, leaving you no other responsibility than entertaining your guests over coffee and dessert.

Four course sit down gourmet dinners range from $75.00 and up per person and include your multi-course meal, personalized menus, freshly baked bread, wine pairing suggestions, coffee and tea with dessert, shopping, meal preparation, serving staff (four hours on parties over 10 persons) and kitchen clean up. We can can also supply custom flower arrangements, butler service , sommeliers, bartenders, photographers or live music for your occasion. If you have any other special requests, please ask us. Call 754-3105.. Ask for Gina or Adrian

Even if you just need somebody to bartend for your party so that you can greet your guests and enjoy your event please feel free to call us. We can empathize with you the need to have help during a cocktail party therefore we will do a great job making certain your guests are served well, therefore, you will not have to worry about them and can enjoy your event.

We can also do cocktail party appetizers and/or provide service for this.

$25/hr all tax and gratuity included for bartender service

and $20 for an appetizer server

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Testimonial : Ciara and Elizabeth, "Thank you again for doing such a great job catering our wedding. We received many great comments about your professionalism and friendliness to guests. Gordie and I very much appreciated that we could relax and not worry that our guests were well taken care of." Dianne and Gordie