How to play Myar

You will need a box or pot with a lid and two dice.

Each player has three lives (or tokens)

Each player in turn shakes the box. A player may look at the dice he/she has cast or choose not to.

After shaking the box a player declares a score and passes the closed box to the second player, the second player can either open the box or keep it closed. If the second player chooses to open the box he/she is challenging the first player. If the score in the box is equal to or higher than the one which the first player declared then the second player loses a life, if it is lower then the first player loses a life.

If the second player does not wish to challenge the first then they may either pass the box on without shaking it, or after shaking it (after the box has been shaken the second player may open it to look at the dice). Either way the second player must declare a score which is equal to or higher than the previous score. The box is then passed on to the third player.

The box can only be passed on once round the circle without being shaken, if it gets back to the player who last shook it he/she must either challenge the score or shake the box again.

The way the scoring works is that higher numbers beat lower, except that doubles beat any other combination other than "myar" which is a 2 and a 1. Scores are declared with high dice first.

So, from lowest score to highest is : 3,1 ; 3,2 ; 4,1 ; 4,2 ; 4,3 ; 5,1 ; 5,2 ; 5,3 ; 5,4 ; 6,1 ; 6,2 ; 6,3 ; 6,4 ; 6,5 ; 1,1 ; 2,2 ; 3,3 ; 4;4 ; 5,5 ; 6,6 ; 2,1

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